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For as long as I remember my dad loved listening to both Neil Diamond and Johnny Cash.  It seems like not so long ago he had Hot August Night 8 track in the family stereo turned up as loud as it could go and driving us all crazy with his dancing.  My dad passed away May 1, 2011 while he was suffering from Multiple Myeloma.  We spent all weekend in the hospital room as he lay in a coma but left for dinner on Sunday night.  When he passed we rushed back to his room and the song Hello Again was playing on his iPod.  It only seemed appropriate for me to name the store after someone who had such an impact on my life.  He was always so willing to sit down and discuss different business ideas and usually came up with some very creative marketing strategies.  My only wish would be for him to see what we are putting together.  I think he would be proud.

Miss ya dad…


The Shopkeeper

Patrick Killeen – Idea Creator, and Decision Maker

Patrick has over 27 years experience in the high end market of men’s and women’s apparel and accessories in both wholesale and retail.


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